What is IT or Information Technology& Software?

As Wikipedia defines “Information technology (IT) is the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data, often in the context of a business or other enterprise.”

IT not only defines the usage of digital data and its peripherals but it also constitutes the distribution and working of other information technologies such as television, telephones, computer hardware, software, electronics, internet and other computer related services.

Software is primarily a set of coded instructions for machines which directs a processor to perform specific executions related to a task. Software always relies on hardware to work properly.


Why do you need EmployVirtually?

With less time and more work pressure, companies need a third party to take care of their IT and software needs and it is when EmployVirtually is needed. EmployVirtually provides round-the-clock IT solutions, fulfill software needs and hardware needs and caters unique requirement of the businesses.

With increasing usage of computers, internet and computer services in India and around entire globe, it is extremely crucial for businesses to offer smooth IT experience to their customers, so here are we. We at EmployVirtually provide 360 degree services for the installation, functioning and customized IT needs of our clients and their customers. Our solutions are faster, simple, reliable and easy to use.

Trust us when we say…EmployVirtually are the IT and software experts. With a team of highly dedicated professionals we at EmployVirtually work 365 days and 24/7 to fulfill the needs of our clients and enterprises. When clients connect with us for their IT needs, we dedicatedly provide them a team of IT professionals who make sure that the problem is solved within given time frame. With only motto of ‘Customer First’ we work till you are satisfied.

Our Expertise:

  • Languages: Java, .Net, PHP
  • Scripting: JS, Angular.js, React.js
  • Business Managment Tools: ServiceNow
  • Database: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL

So How We Make Your Life Simple?

Connect with us with your problem and rest of the tension is ours. We will work till you are satisfied. Our dedicated team of IT professionals works 24/7 to provide some of the reliable and easy to use IT solution to different firms and enterprises around the world. We are the problem solver and we solve them quickly.

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