Outsourcing is still a tedious and complicated process and finding the right partner is a challenge. There are always question and concern regarding the overall process, maintaining control and monitoring, while seeking advantage of outsourcing by reducing overall cost of hiring.

We offer alternative to traditional outsourcing and freelancing.

Business Model

What we Offer?

EmployVirtually.com enables companies from anywhere in the world to outsource any office work in any Domain, Industry or Profession.

Outsource any Work (technical & non-technical) that is labor intensive and can be done through Computer.

We offer alternate to traditional Outsourcing & Freelancing; and encapsulate benefit of both model

EmployVirtually.com is providing remote staffing solutions to businesses all over the world. With us, you can offshore any office work in any profession or domain, from technical to non-technical positions like IT Software Programming, Accounts, Engineering, SEO, Content, Data entry, transcription work, Law, bookkeeping, engineering, law, recruitment and much else. In turn, we provide our client with their own dedicated employee who will work exclusively and dedicated for them. However, we are not limited to any one or set number of specified domain. EmployVirtually.com has received work in fields that are often unanticipated and unique.

How does it work?

You do not outsource, but rather have your own office in India, with your own employees working exclusively for you. However you do not have any of the hassles of having to actually go to the effort of setting up and maintaining an office (infrastructure/hardware/ overheads etc…) or manage staff (insurance, tax, contracts, HR, accounts etc..) as this is all taken care by us. You directly work with your Employees, and we manage both them and your office as per your instructions.

With EmployVirtually.com, you hire a dedicated employee offshore or say hire a workforce that work on your rolls, that is managed by you in a controlled environment from a offshore office, set up for you in New Delhi (NCR), India.

Below are general domain in which we offer our services.

    • Software Development
    • Mobile Apps Development
    • Web Designer
    • E-Commerce
    • Seo/Content Writing
    • Book Keeping & Accounting
    • Mutimedia Animation
    • BPO
    • Technical support
    • IT Infra Services
    • Recruitment HR
    • CRM & Helpdesk